Italybyskill - Genuine Italian Tradition

Experts in tradition!

We produce and select wines that reflect the characteristics of their territory produced by us and/or only by wineries that, like us, work with respect for tradition.

Wines made by grapes from our own vineyards as well as those selected from our partners are made according to local tradition and comply with the highest standards of modern market!

Cellar / Canteen


Italybyskill is synonymous with quality and authenticity. Wines, San Marzano tomatoes and traditional liqueurs are produced in compliance with the secular traditions of the Vesuvian area handed down from father to son.

Italybyskill means quality & genuineness. Wines from our vineyards within Vesuvius area, "San Marzano" Tomatoes and Traditional Liquors are made according to the ancient traditions handed down by our ancestors.

Vetrina / Showroom
Sai che vino e prodotti alimentari non genuini sono una delle principali truffe "on Line"?  Chiedi sempre la certificazione dei prodotti e la loro origine.

.Pompeii tradition

Ancient Traditions....Modern Flavors!

The "King" Baba Re

Cheers - Salute - Cheers - Salud - Ganbei - Kanpai - Kiaora - Mabuhay - Pura vida - gesondheid - na zdorovje - kippis - ziveli - .........Buon Appetit and......... ........................................

"Aiz' Aiz' aiz' - acala acala acala- accost' accost' accost'.....a' salute' Vostra" your health!)

Bollicine Vesuviane / Vesuvius Bubbly

The True "Spirit" of the Gulf of Naples

Liquori - Sorrento Soul